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  • The Three Oaths
  • on Kollel learning...
  • Isolated Israel
  • Learning from mystics
  • Vicarious Judaism
  • Judaism's real intermediary
  • Making Aliyah (for Converts)
  • Conversion to Judaism testimonials...
  • R' Asher vs Dr. Brown (2017)
  • No end of days in Judaism!
  • R' Asher speaks to Idol smasher
  • Conversion stories
  • Boom
  • The Veneration of Rabbis
  • Why so many sacrifices?
  • Understanding Biblical Prophecy
  • Islam & Christianity = Corrupted Judaism
  • Don't live near a Shul? Conversion?
  • Make your own Seder Matzah! (Bediavad)
  • R' Asher guides a Ger (Noahide)
  • R' Asher on the Ger Toshav movement
  • Judaism Without Embellishments
  • The truth about the Boca Raton Synagogue / Matthew Kelly ordeal.
  • R' Asher speaks to the Ger Movement


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Translation of Hilchot Shechita - Yoreh Deah 1-27 - Shulchan Aruch

Traducción de Yoreh Deah - Shulján Aruj

Translation of Hilchot Avadim- Yoreh Deah 267 - Shulchan Aruch

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